Georgian edit

Pronunciation edit

Postposition edit

-თვის (-tvis)

  1. for the sake of, for
    შენი ჯანმრთელობისთვის
    šeni ǰanmrt'elobisat'vis
    for the sake of your health
    for you
    for the future
  2. Suffixed to the indirect object of a verb in perfective series
    წიგნი მეგობრისთვის გამოურთმევია
    cigni megobrist'vis gamourt'mevia
    She/he seems to have borrowed a book from a friend

Usage notes edit

  • It is suffixed to the genitive case of the noun and extended case ending may be used.

Synonyms edit

  • -ზა (-za) (dialectal, Adjara, Guria)