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Alternative formsEdit


-მდე (-mde)

  1. up to, to, till, as far as, before, until (in space as well as in time)
    თავიდან ბოლომდე
    t'avidan bolomde
    From the beginning to the end
    ხუთ საათმდე მოვიცდი
    xut' saat'amde movic'di
    I will wait till 5 o'clock
    ოპერაციმდე სიარული არ შემეძლო
    operaciamde siaruli ar shemedzlo
    Before the surgery I couldn't walk.

Usage notesEdit

  • The postposition is suffixed to nouns in adverbial case, but the -დ (-d) of the adverbial is omitted.

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