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up to

  1. Next to; near; towards; as far as.
    Go up to the counter and ask.
    I've read up to chapter 5.
  2. Capable of.
    Are you up to lifting something that heavy?
  3. Ready for.
    Are you up to the challenge?
  4. Willing to participate in.
    Are you up to going to the beach?
  5. As much as; no more than.
    You can make up to five copies.
  6. Until.
    Up to that point, I liked her.
  7. For the option or decision of.
    It’s up to you whether to get the blue one or the red one.
  8. Doing; involved in.
    What are you up to today?
    He looked like a man up to no good.
  9. Incumbent upon; the obligation of; the duty of.
    It's up to the prosecution to prove that the defendant is guilty.
  10. (mathematics) Considering all members of an equivalence class the same.
    English Wikipedia has an article on:
    There’s only one rooted tree with two leaves, up to ordering.
  11. Within the authority or jurisdiction of.


up to (not comparable)

  1. maximum of.
    Violators may face a fine of up to $300.


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