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French edit

Etymology edit

Borrowed from Italian -issimo, from Latin -issimus.

Pronunciation edit

Suffix edit

-issime (plural -issimes)

  1. suffix used to form superlative forms of adjectives
    Synonyms: totalement, très
    La République de Venise était connue sous le nom de La Sérénissime.
    The republic of Venice is known as the most serene state.
    Ce film est un navet au scénario ridiculissime.
    This film is notorious for the most ridiculous scene.

Derived terms edit

Interlingua edit

Suffix edit


  1. Appended to an adjective, this suffix is an intensifier which adds the qualifier of "very" or "particularly."[1]

References edit

  1. ^ Interlingua Course for Beginners by Thomas Breinstrup

Latin edit

Suffix edit


  1. vocative masculine singular of -issimus