See also: iu, IU, Iu, .iu, and -iú

Catalan edit

Etymology edit

Inherited from Latin -īvus.

Suffix edit

-iu (adjective-forming suffix, feminine -iva, masculine plural -ius, feminine plural -ives)

  1. -ive; forms adjectives denoting characteristics or qualities

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Romanian edit

Etymology edit

Probably from Latin -īvus. Mostly found in older, popular words; compare the neological borrowing -iv.

Pronunciation edit

Suffix edit

-iu m or n (feminine singular -ie, plural -ii)

  1. Forms adjectives denoting characteristics or qualities, especially relating to color; roughly equivalent to -ive or sometimes -ish.

Usage notes edit

The terms formed from the suffix often have the meaning of approximating or being similar to a certain quality (from the noun or adjective it modifies); it can be comparable to some uses of -ish in English: somewhat, approximately, slightly, rather: e.g. cenușiu (grayish), albăstriu (bluish). A suffix playing a similar role in Romanian is also -ui, especially with colors.

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