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A to Z (countable and uncountable, plural A to Zs)

  1. (Britain) Any of a set of street maps of most British towns and cities; properly the Geographer's A–Z Street Atlas.
    I always keep a small set of A to Zs in the car.
  2. (uncountable) All facts related to a subject
    • 1994, Theresa Funiciello, Tyranny of Kindness[1], →ISBN, page 61:
      They arrived laden with government reports, books, and assorted papers on the A to Z of welfare []
  3. (often in titles) An encyclopedic or comprehensive guide.[1]
    The A to Z of Typesetting


A to Z (not comparable)

  1. Alphabetical order; lexical order
    The listings run A to Z.
  2. From beginning to the end.
  3. Over the entirety; completely.



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