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Borrowed from Arabic عَجَم(ʿajam, non-Arabs; Persians), or via Persian عجم('ajam).

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  1. (historical) non-Arab
    • 2015, Richard Francis Burton, ‎John Payne, ‎Andrew Lang, One Thousand and One Nights - Complete Arabian Nights Collection (Delphi Classics), page 305:
      I am Rustam, champion-in-chief of the Arabs and Ajams.
  2. (historical) Persian
  3. (historical) Persia, land of the Iranian peoples
    • 2011, Muzaffar Alam, Sanjay Subrahmanyam, Writing the Mughal World, page 43:
      ... Sultan Selim sent out a letter to Sultan Muzaar Shah, with an account of his victories in 'Arab, 'Ajam, Egypt, Syria and Aleppo.
  4. (music) The name of a maqam.
  5. Kuwaiti citizens of Iranian origin.


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