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Appendix:Hip hop slang

Hip hop is a musical genre from the United States with a background mostly in urban African-Americans. Terms mostly overlap African American Vernacular English (or Ebonics). Common word play includes making a word its own antonym, such as "bad" meaning good.

  • bad – a self-antonym meaning good
  • B-boy – a fan of hip hop, associated with a particular style and usually in a posse of other b-boys
  • beatboxing – a style of vocalization made to imitate instrumental breaks and beats in songs
  • DJ – disc jockey who would turn or scratch a record
  • g-funk – a sub-genre combining elements of funk
  • gangsta – a sub-genre glorifying and sometimes parodying illegal activity
  • ill – a self-antonym meaning superb
  • MC – master of ceremonies who would rap on top of the DJ
  • New School – the second generation of hip hop musicians, beginning in the early 1980s (e.g. Beastie Boys or Run-D.M.C.)
  • Old School – the first generation of hip hop musicians, from the late 1970s (e.g. Sugar Hill Gang or Afrika Bambaataa)
  • rap – another name for hip-hop music
  • rapping – a style of talk-singing
  • scratching – a method of stopping and starting vinyl records as they play to produce music
  • sucka – contraction for sucker