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German Edit

Alternative forms Edit

  • Banana (obsolete; until 19th c.)

Etymology Edit

16th century, from Portuguese banana, from a Niger-Congo language of West Africa. A further origin from Arabic بَنان(banān, fingertips) has been considered, but there is no particular reason to believe the similarity to be anything but coincidental. (The use of بنان‎ for “banana” in Maghrebi Arabic dialects is borrowed from European languages.) The German form in -e is attested from the 19th century, though it may be somewhat older in speech.

Pronunciation Edit

  • IPA(key): /baˈnaːnə/
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Noun Edit

Banane f (genitive Banane, plural Bananen, diminutive Banänchen n)

  1. banana (fruit)

Declension Edit

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