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Buffalo River

  1. A river in Victoria, Australia, which joins the Ovens River.
  2. A river in Eastern Cape province, South Africa, which flows into the Indian Ocean at East London.
  3. A river in KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa, a tributary of the Tugela River.
  4. A number of rivers in the United States:
    1. The Buffalo National River, a river in Arkansas, known as the Buffalo River for part of its length.
    2. A short river in Georgia, a tributary of the Turtle River.
    3. A river in Minnesota, a tributary of the Red River of the North.
    4. A river in New York, which drains into Lake Erie at Buffalo.
    5. A river in Tennessee, a tributary of the Duck River.
    6. A river in Virginia, a tributary of the Tye River.
    7. A river in Wisconsin, a tributary of the Mississippi River.