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CRT (countable and uncountable, plural CRTs)

  1. (mathematics) Initialism of Chinese remainder theorem.
  2. (electronics, computing) Initialism of cathode ray tube.
    Coordinate terms: LED, LCD, TFT
    • 2018 January 12, Joe Veix, “The Strange History of One of the Internet's First Viral Videos”, in Wired[1], →ISSN:
      A few seconds later, the Angry Man picks up the keyboard and swings it like a baseball bat at his screen—it’s an old PC from the '90s, with a big CRT monitor—whacking it off the desk.
  3. (electronics, computing, becoming dated) A display device using a cathode ray tube, such as early televisions or monitors.
  4. (software) Initialism of C runtime.
  5. (law enforcement) Initialism of crisis response team.
  6. (social sciences) Initialism of critical race theory.
    • 2016, Adrienne D. Dixson, Celia K. Rousseau Anderson, Jamel K. Donnor, Critical Race Theory in Education: All God's Children Got a Song, page 184:
      Considering racism as a normative practice in the academy while centering the experiential perspectives of Chicana and Chicano scholars with racial and gendered microaggressions, Solórzano lays the groundwork for use of CRT in higher education scholarship.
    • 2021, Stephen Waters, Individuals, Journalism, and Society Epilogue-Lessons learned:
      JANET: Martin Luther King would have been super-antiracist, but CRT progressives minimize King's accomplishments.
    • 2022 May 9, Ted Genoways, quoting Jim Pillen, “How Trump Helped Transform Nebraska Into a Toxic Political Wasteland”, in The New York Times[2], →ISSN:
      Last week, he posted on Twitter that he was the “only candidate to take action against CRT,” the “only candidate willing to fight the radical transgender agenda” and the “only candidate willing to call abortion what it is — murder.”
  7. (Australia) Initialism of casual relief teacher.

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