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Blend of Chicago +‎ Iraq, coined by South Side rappers comparing the frequency of shootings in Chicago and in Iraq.

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  1. (US, slang, derogatory, ethnic slur) Chicago, especially those parts in the South Side subject to a large amount of violence.
    • 2014, Rumont Tekay, Venom In My Veinz:
      Seeing too much of anything in Chiraq streets could be hazardous to anyone's health
    • 2015, Jimmy Chan, Don't Kill the Messenger 69...The Chronicles of Fo:
      Welcome to Chiraq
      My town
    • 2017, Steve Ventura, Martin Bailkey, Good Food, Strong Communities, page 235:
      When the south and west sides of Chicago are covered in the media, for instance, they are often described using infamous terms such as Chiraq and food deserts. Chiraq, a portmanteau of Chicago and Iraq, is used as code to refer to the violence and poverty of these neighborhoods.
    • 2018, Shatiera Holman, Equality Ain't Equal:
      He met his wife and never thought about moving back to Chiraq.

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