German Low German edit

Etymology edit

From Middle Low German dingesdach, from Old Saxon *thingesdag, from Proto-Germanic *þingsus-dagaz (day of the assembly), from *þingsus + *dagaz. Thingsus, Tiw or Týr was the name of the Germanic god of justice. Cognate to German Dienstag, Dutch dinsdag.

Noun edit

Dingsdag m (plural Dingsdaag)

  1. Tuesday

See also edit

(days of the week - Judeo-Christian order) Sünndag, Maandag, Dingsdag, Middeweek or Woonsdag/Goonsdag, Dunnersdag/Dünnerdag/Dünnersdag, Freedag, Saterdag or Sünnavend

References edit

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