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Etymology 1Edit



Dub (plural Dubs)

  1. (Ireland, slang) A Dubliner.
    • 1993, Mary P. Corcoran, Irish Illegals: Transients Between Two Societies (page 138)
      There is a distinction between Dubliners on the one hand and "rednecks" on the other. [] The Dubs historically went to Liverpool and Birmingham, so they don't have the connections.
    • 1994, Patrick O'Dea, A Class of Our Own: Conversations About Class in Ireland (page 51)
      I did the Pat Kenny show one night and talked about coming from the bottom up, and I got numerous letters, saying to hear somebody with a Dub accent running the brewery was unbelievable.

Etymology 2Edit

Shortened form of Dublin taking all the letters of the first syllable and the first consonant of the second syllable.[1]

Proper nounEdit


  1. (after a qualification) University of Dublin, used especially following post-nominal letters indicating status as a graduate.[2]