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Elk (plural Elks)

  1. (informal) An Acorn Electron computer.
    • 1999, "Lionel Smith", Reading old DOS discs on a BBC (on Internet newsgroup comp.sys.acorn.misc)
      Even modified it so that it would work with the differently ordered registers of an Electron. Never did get it working fully on the Elk, I think my Elk with Mode 7 box caused a problem with the use of IRQ workspace, system speed was also a factor IIRC.
    • 2003, "Gareth Williams", What is Electron Elite V2? (on Internet newsgroup
      I'm pretty certain I remember seeing it on a price list when most BBC and Elk games had to be mail ordered (I think Impact was the mail order company - they also produced games like Zenon and Clogger).
  2. A member of a fraternal organization for men called the Elks.