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From Middle English eukarist, from Old French, from Ecclesiastical Latin eucharistia, from Ancient Greek εὐχαριστία (eukharistía, gratitude, giving of thanks). Displaced native Old English hūsl.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /ˈjuːkəɹɪst/, /ˈjuːkɹɪst/
  • Hyphenation: Eu‧cha‧rist, Euch‧arist

Noun edit

Eucharist (plural Eucharists)

  1. (Christianity) The Christian sacrament of Holy Communion.
    Synonyms: Holy Communion, Communion
  2. (by extension) A Christian religious service in which this sacrament is enacted.
    Synonyms: Holy Communion, Communion, Mass, Divine Liturgy, (informal) church
  3. The substances received during this sacrament, namely the bread and wine, seen as Christ’s body and blood.
    Synonym: the elements

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