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See also: ft, Ft, fT, ft., Ft., FT%, and F.T.




FT (plural FTs)

  1. (basketball) Initialism of free throw.
  2. Initialism of fluctuation theorem.

Proper nounEdit


  1. Initialism of Financial Times.
  2. (Islam) Initialism of Final Testament.

Derived termsEdit


FT (not comparable)

  1. Initialism of full-time.
    • 1996 November 23,, not stereotypical, in alt.transgendered, Usenet:
      I've been facing the trans issue "face on" since about 2-3 years ago, having really admitted it to myself about 4 years ago (freshperson in college), [...] So you can see I'm very confused, yet 99% sure I want to take 'mones and see how far I really need to go to be happy. do I live FT?