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John Lennon in 1975 wearing John Lennon glasses.


After British musician John Lennon.


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John Lennon glasses pl (plural only)

  1. (plural only) A pair of eyeglasses (spectacles) with round lenses.
    • 1969 (7 Apr), Judith Viorst, "New York Visit, 1969", New York Magazine‎ 2 (no.14): 43
      Everyone in New York
      Had a position on Shanker,
      A story about garbage,
      An unconventional sex life,
      John Lennon glasses, []
    • 1998, Barbara Delinsky, A Woman's Place‎, page 335:
      " [] Or, I could go to Harvard Square, browse the coffee shops wearing my John Lennon glasses, and look for an intellectual who's smart enough to see the woman inside."
    • 2003, Greg Iles, Sleep No More‎, page 36:
      A bookish young man with John Lennon glasses looked up, smiled, and answered in a northern accent. "The tool is calibrated. Just waiting to hit total depth."