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Etymology edit

From Middle High German krieche, Old High German *krieha, *kriha only attested in compound Old High German krihboum, kriehboum, kriehhenboum. Origin uncertain, suspected to be = Grieche (Greek), but no such thing is known in Latin or Greek and there is no discernible reason why any of the denoted species could be perceived as Greek.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /ˈkriːçə/, [ˈkriːçə], [ˈkʁiːçə]

Noun edit

Krieche f (genitive Krieche, plural Kriechen)

  1. wild small Prunus fruit
    1. bullace (Prunus domestica ssp. insititia)
    2. (obsolete, dialectal) sloe (Prunus domestica)
    3. (obsolete, dialectal) sour cherry (Prunus cerasus)

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