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  1. (military) Initialism of Missing In Action.
    When his patrol didn't come back from the front, he and all his buddies were listed as MIA.

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MIA (uncountable)

  1. (Mormonism) Initialism of Mutual Improvement Association.
  2. (military) Initialism of missing-in-action., a service member that did not return from action and was not found in the field


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(Mutual Improvement Association):

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  1. (Indo-Aryan linguistics) Initialism of Middle Indo-Aryan.
  2. (sports) Abbreviation of Miami.
    • 1996, Marty Strasen, Basketball Almanac, 1996-97, page 415:
      56 Michael Jordan, CHI vs. MIA, Apr. 29, 1992.
  3. IATA airport code for Miami International Airport.
    • 1975, John H. Reed, Transportation Safety Board, Safety Information, p. 30:
      I have visited more than half a dozen carrier training facilities, spent over 150 hours on jumpseats, piloted a Lockheed 1011 from MIA to LAX, visited numerous towers, rapcons, and centers, and discussed our commercial Air Transport System with everyone involved.