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McDonald +‎ -'s.

Proper nounEdit


  1. A widespread chain of fast food restaurants.


Derived termsEdit



McDonald's (countable and uncountable, plural McDonald's)

  1. Food purchased at McDonald's restaurant.
    • 1996, Joan M. Drury, Silent Words, Spinsters Ink, page 36:
      I stopped to pick up some McDonald's and traveled up the road a little before pulling over.
    • 2006, Jane Green, Swapping Lives, Penguin →ISBN
      “Darling,” Janelle is standing on the outskirts of the group, listening with amusement, “just because a man has filet mignon at home, doesn't mean he doesn't fancy a McDonald's every now and then.”
    • 2011, Leslie Thomas, Dangerous Davies And The Lonely Heart, Random House →ISBN
      He bought two McDonald's in a bag and took them to the Social Services place.
    • 2014, May 22, Don Thompson, quoted in "McDonald's CEO insists fast-food giant pays 'fair wages' as protesters rally", The Guardian
      My parents eat McDonald’s and they are here today – they are quite healthy.

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