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New Delhi

  1. National capital of India, located in the national capital territory of Delhi.
  2. (figuratively, metonymically) The government of India.
    • 2005, Foreign Policy Annual, 2001-2009: Events, Gyan Publishing House (→ISBN), page 420:
      In a statement issued on 3 November, New Delhi said that it will study the recommendations on institutional changes outlined in the report of the UN Secretary General's panel that had stopped short of definitive recommendations on new permanent members.
    • 1995, Asian Bulletin, Volume 20, Issues 1-6, APACL Publications [Asian Peoples' Anti-Communist League], unnumbered page:
      India claimed a diplomatic victory over Pakistan after Islamabad failed to win support for a U.N. resolution on Kashmir that New Delhi said violated its sovereignty. A group of countries led by Pakistan withdrew the resolution, which urged ...
    • 2004 November 1, Joseph Y.S. Cheng, “Challenges to China's Russian Policy in Early 21st Century”, in Journal of contemporary Asia[1]:
      As Russia accords considerable priority to its strategic partnership with India, it has to reckon with the Indian factor and is therefore subject to pressure from New Delhi in its relations with China.