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From the suffix -nomic; see -nomy.

Proper nounEdit


  1. A game, intended to model certain aspects of legal systems, in which players take turns by modifying the game's rules.
    • 1982, Douglas Hofstadter, Scientific American
      This is not to say that nuanced, intermediate levels may not arise in Nomic through game custom and tacit understandings.
    • 2004, Andrew S. Glassner, Interactive Storytelling
      The game Nomic also has rules that change over time. But these games still have rules for how they're played...
    • 2005, Yusuf Pisan, The Second Australasian Conference on Interactive Entertainment
      Nomic, a "game of self-amendment," is most fundamentally characterized by its rule 213, 213. If the rules are changed so that further play is impossible, or if the legality of a move cannot be determined with finality, or if by the Judge's best reasoning, not overruled, a move appears equally legal and illegal, then the first player unable to complete a turn is the winner.