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Etymology 1 edit

Initialism of Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Noun edit

OEM (plural OEMs)

  1. A company that produces parts to be sold under another company's brand.
  2. A value-added reseller; company selling goods assembled from other companies' parts.
  3. All makers prior to initial retail sale, in contrast to aftermarket.
Usage notes edit

Especially automotive and computer hardware. Software with this label includes just a shrink-wrapped CD, without printed manual, without being inside a box, etc.

Coordinate terms edit
  • OEE (original equipment equivalent)

Adjective edit

OEM (not comparable)

  1. (business) describing goods sold by or to an OEM
Synonyms edit
  • (goods sold under another company's brand): white label
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Noun edit

OEM (plural OEMs)

  1. (emergency services) Initialism of Office of Emergency Management.

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