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white label

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Alternative formsEdit


A white label record

US, 20th century. Originally used for musical vinyl records whose labels had been torn off or covered with a white label by competing DJs to conceal which records they were using.


white label (not comparable)

  1. (marketing) A rebranded product – a generically manufactured product, branded with the marketer's or retailer's trade dress.
  2. (computing) An unbranded product – a brand name product which has had a white label applied to remove branding so that it can be resold for cheaper without undercutting the value of the brand.[1]
  3. (music) A vinyl record with a white label or white background (rather than artwork), typically used for test records or promotion.
    • 2014, Chris Cunningham, quoted in Piers Martin, Aphex Twin: ‘His music is a perfect mix of mystery and adrenaline’ (in The Guardian) [1]
      I started going to the record exchange in Camden two or three times a week to look for the Rephlex white labels or test pressings that would end up there. I actually got one of the original Caustic Window vinyl LPs from there.


(a generically manufactured product):

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