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equip +‎ -ment, or from French équipement.



equipment (usually uncountable, plural equipments)

  1. The act of equipping, or the state of being equipped, as for a voyage or expedition.
    • (Can we date this quote?) David Hume:
      The equipment of the fleet was hastened by De Witt.
  2. Whatever is used in equipping something or someone, for example things needed for an expedition or voyage.
    • 11 July 2013, Jo Confino in The Guardian Online, How technology has stopped evolution and is destroying the world[1]
      Tompkins is considered a hero in the deep ecology movement and works hand in hand with his wife Kris, the former CEO of the outdoor clothing and equipment company Patagonia.
    • (Can we date this quote?) Henry Longfellow:
      Armed and dight, In the equipment of a knight.

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