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  1. (pharmacy) Abbreviation of over-the-counter.
    • 2014 — Seufert, Ken. (April 2014) "The New Dawn of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Innovative Solutions for Unprecedented Challenges", American Pharmaceutical Review, 17(3):8.
      By adopting complementary products used in biotech, over-the-counter (OTC), nutritional, cosmetic, or other fine chemical consumers, their cost basis is further diluted to help maintain competitiveness.
  2. (finance) over-the-counter
  3. (pathology) ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency
  4. (military) Officers Training Corps, a part of the British Army (see Wikipedia article).
  5. Overseas Telecommunications Commission, a defunct department of the Australian government (see Wikipedia article).
  6. (slang) off the charts
  7. (slang, Internet, text messaging) on the cheek