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From Middle High German obez, from Old High German obez, obaz (fruit), from Proto-Germanic *ubatją (fruit, produce, increase), from a compound whose first element represents Proto-Indo-European *obʰi-, *ebʰi-, *bʰi- (on, toward, from, by), and whose second element is Proto-Germanic *at, *ēta- (edibles, food), from Proto-Germanic *etaną (to eat), from Proto-Indo-European *h₁ed- (to eat). Cognate with English ovest (mast), Middle Low German ōvet, āvet, ōft (fruit), German Low German Aaft (fruits), Dutch ooft (fruits). More at ovest.

The drug sense likely derives from cocaine being smuggled through ports in fruit crates.


  • IPA(key): /oːpst/
  • (file)


Obst n (genitive Obstes or Obsts, no plural)

  1. Edible plant parts, other than nuts, which are mainly eaten with sweet dishes, primarily fruit and berries. Edible parts of plants which do not count as vegetables.
    Heute esse ich nur Obst.Today I only eat fruit.
  2. (slang) cocaine
    • 2018 July 12, Maxwell (lyrics), “Wake Up”, performed by Moe Phoenix, Gringo, Maxwell 187 & Laruzo:
      150 Gramm Obst in 'ner Woche einfach weggekifft –
      Nenn es Hochleistungssport!
      Leg paar Lines auf’n Tisch, knall das Koks durch das Rohr!
      150 grams of fruits just toked away in a week –
      Call it high-performance sport!
      Lay some lines on the table, blow the coke through the pipe!
    • 2019 January 30, Biermann, Til, “Dreister Kokain-Verkauf per „Obst Lieferservice“-Visitenkarte”, in B.Z.[1]:
      Ein Mann kommt auf den B.Z.-Reporter zu. „Kokain?“, fragt er, drückt Visitenkarten in die Hand und geht. „Alex Obst – Obst & Gemüse Lieferservice“, steht da. „Obst“, das steht für „Koks“. […] Wir sagen, dass wir gerne Obst kaufen würden, das wird ja auf der Visitenkarte angeboten. […] Wir: „Was sind denn so die Preise, oder besprechen wir das dann?“ Der Mann: „0,5 – 50 Euro.“ Also 100 Euro pro Gramm, 100.000 Euro pro Kilo.
      A man appoaches the B.Z. reporter. „Cocaine?“, he asks, puts business cards in my hand and leaves. „Alex Obst – Fruits & Vegetables Delivery“, it says. „Fruits“, that means „cocaine“. […] We say that we would like to buy fruits, as offered on the business card. […] We: „So what are the prices? Or will we talk about that later?“ The man: „0,5 – 50 Euro.“ That means, 100 Euro a gram, 100,000 Euro a kilogram.




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