OpenA@InsideChesthigh-ThumbBack-OpenA@InsideChesthigh-ThumbBack CirclesMidline-CirclesMidline

American Sign Language edit

Etymology edit

From obsolete sign OpenA@DistalInsideChesthigh-OpenA@DistalInsideChinhigh Upanddown-Upanddown, apparently imitative of typical mannerisms of theatrical performers when the sign was created.

Production edit

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  • This two-handed ASL sign is produced as follows:
    1. Posture the nondominant hand in the “open A” handshape about half arm’s length in front of the nondominant side of the chest, thumb of the nondominant hand pointing back. Posture the dominant hand in the “open A” handshape about half arm’s length in front of the dominant side of the chest, thumb of the dominant hand pointing back.
    2. Move both hands through the following posture in alternating circles brushing the chest, then down, forward, and up with each circle.

Verb edit

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  1. (theater) to act in a play; to perform drama

Derived terms edit

Noun edit

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  1. (theater) play; show; act; theatrical performance
    OpenA@InsideChesthigh-ThumbBack-OpenA@InsideChesthigh-ThumbBack CirclesMidline-CirclesMidline 1@CenterChesthigh-FingerBack Open8@NearChest-PalmBack 8@FromChest-PalmBack-8@DistalChest-PalmBack Bent5@InsideChesthigh-PalmAcross-Bent5@InsideChesthigh-PalmAcross Round-Round Bent5@SideChesthigh-PalmAcross-Bent5@SideChesthigh-PalmAcross OpenB@NearSfhead-ThumbAside Y@FromSfhead-ThumbAside V@TipFinger-FingerUp-V@CenterChesthigh-FingerUp V@SideChesthigh-FingerUp-V@SideChesthigh-FingerUp H@Nose-FingerUp Contact N@NearNose-PalmBack H@Nose-FingerUp Contact N@NearNose-PalmBack
    "I like the play a lot because it's very funny."
  2. drama (the art)
  3. (figuratively) drama; dramatic situation in real life
  4. actor; actress

Usage notes edit