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  1. (metrology) Symbol for petajoule, an SI unit of work or energy equal to 1015 joules.

English edit

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PJ (plural PJs)

  1. Abbreviation of pajama.
  2. Abbreviation of Proto-Japonic.
  3. Initialism of private jet.
  4. (Malaysia) Initialism of Petaling Jaya, a town.
  5. (India) Initialism of poor joke.
    • 1987, Sainik Samachar, volume 34, Director of Public Relations, Ministry of Defence, page 11:
      To share the secret with you, just in case you are not a Delhite, 'PJ' stands for, yes, "Poor Joke.'
    • 2018, Kishor Kunal, The Casted Minds: A Nation where Purity of Blood Matters[1]:
      “No, I don't,” I replied and quickly asked, “so, where are you now?” “Here, in front of you,” she replied with a witty smile. “I meant what are you doing these days—your occupation?” I smiled innocently. A PJ (poor joke) indeed.

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From English project.

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PJ(プロジェクト) (purojekuto

  1. (product development) project

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  • IPA(key): /ˌpe ˈxota/ [ˌpe ˈxo.t̪a]

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PJ m

  1. (politics, Argentina) initialism of Partido Justicialista (Justicialist Party), an Argentine political party