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From Pashto پښتو(paẍto).

Most likely derived from Old Iranian *Parsuwā, with the basic stem *Parsū-[1]; closely related to *Parθaʰ (“Parthian”) and Old Persian 𐎱𐎠𐎼𐎿 (p-a-r-s /⁠Pārsaʰ⁠/, Persian)[2], both from the earlier *Parsūa-, probably meaning "border or borderland"[3] (in contrast to Media, meaning "central land"); cf. Sanskrit (Pāṇini) Parśu- “a (northwestern) warrior tribe” and Late Babylonian 𒌓𒍪 (par-sú, Persian).

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  • IPA(key): /ˈpæʃtəʊ/, /ˈpʌʃtəʊ/
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Pashto (uncountable)

  1. The native Indo-Iranian language of the Pashtun people; an official language of Afghanistan.

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