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Queer Street (uncountable)

  1. (idiomatic, Britain) Hard times; a difficult circumstance, especially financially.
    • 1818, Thomas Hudson, Comic Songs, page 23:
      But soon they led a Queer-street life, / 'Twas what she'd not expected / Like cat and dog, with snarl and strife, / And love and lamps neglected. / About his work he would not wag
    • 2009 March 17, “The dangers of commerce in medical care”, in Yorkshire Post:
      The only reason Ms Beverley-Stevenson and her two companies are in business is to make a profit, otherwise she and her partners would be on Queer Street.
  2. (idiomatic, boxing) A stunned condition.
    • 1957 August 10, “Cronin's Corner”, in Los Angeles Times:
      In any event, the German slugger nailed down 21 of his 39 victories by putting his opponent on Queer Street via the knockout route.
    • 1971 March 9, “In the Wake of the News”, in Chicago Tribune:
      Frazier had him on Queer Street in the 11th round. ... He was glad he got off Queer Street.