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RIF (plural RIFs)

  1. Initialism of reduction in force.
    • 1981 December 1, Black Enterprise[1], page 29:
      According to Norman Seay, executive director of Blacks in Government, an organization of federal employees, the RIFs will have the heaviest impact on the professional, managerial, and technical workers — those making between about $20,000 and $37,000 a year.
    • 1983, Management, United States. Office of Personnel Management, page 110:
      A lot of the RIFs were done because budgets were cut by the Congress.
    • 2002, Irene S. Rubin, Balancing the Federal Budget: Trimming the Herds or Eating the Seed Corn?:
      The legislators who represented many federal employees, and those on authorizing committees who were sympathetic with the goals of programs they supervised, had reacted with frustration to the RIFs of the early Reagan administration, since there had been no time to oppose them.
  2. Initialism of risk influencing factor.
    • 2003, Tim Bedford, Safety and Reliability: Proceedings of the ESREL 2003 Conference[2]:
      Any measure can be related to the improvement of a RIF, thus the resulting risk reduction can be assessed.
    • 2009, Radim Bris, Reliability, Risk, and Safety, Three Volume Set: Theory and Applications[3], page 4:
      We study helicopter risk by means of the risk influencing model, so the effect of changes is related directly to the RIFs in the model.
    • 2013, R.D.J.M. Steenbergen, Safety, Reliability and Risk Analysis: Beyond the Horizon[4], page 2215:
      Risk Influencing Factor (RIF): A factor or condition that influences the risk.


RIF (third-person singular simple present RIFs, present participle RIFing, simple past and past participle RIFed)

  1. (transitive) To lay off from work due to a reduction in force.
    • 1994 February 1, Restructuring of the federal government, United States Congress House Committee on Post Office and Civil Service, page 58:
      Our own agency let go 300 positions, affected 120 people who got RIFed, but 1,200 people were affected in the process.
    • 2015, William F. Buckley, Tucker's Last Stand:
      Federal employees got 'RIFed.' That lasted about six months.
    • 2016, Jenna Mindel, A Soldier's Valentine:
      Despite my exemplary service, I got RIFed.” Ginger cringed at the raw sarcasm in his voice, but wanted clarification. “Riffed?” “Reduction in force. Let go, laid off, whatever fits.”



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  1. Rock identitaire français, a patriotic stream in French rock.