This Proto-Albanian entry contains reconstructed terms and roots. As such, the term(s) in this entry are not directly attested, but are hypothesized to have existed based on comparative evidence.

Proto-Albanian edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-Indo-European *weh₁ros, from *weh₁- (true). Cognate to Old English wǣr (true, correct), Dutch waar (true), German wahr (true), Icelandic alvöru (earnest), Proto-Slavic *vě̀ra (faith/belief), Latin vērus (true), Old Irish fír (true), Old High German wār (true).[1]

Adjective edit


  1. true

Descendants edit

  • Albanian: *ur

References edit

  1. ^ Orel, Vladimir E. (1998) “Proto-Albanian/wara”, in Albanian Etymological Dictionary, Leiden, Boston, Köln: Brill, →ISBN, page 489