This Proto-Finnic entry contains reconstructed terms and roots. As such, the term(s) in this entry are not directly attested, but are hypothesized to have existed based on comparative evidence.

Proto-Finnic edit

Etymology edit

Uncertain. Possibly related to Eastern Mari [script needed] (ońt́śəl), Komi-Zyrian водз (vodź) and Udmurt азь (). The word has also been considered a possible Germanic loan from Proto-Germanic *anþiją (compare Old High German endi (forehead)),[1] in which case the borrowing would have to be very early (among the earliest Germanic loans), with borrowing from early Proto-Finnic into more eastern Uralic languages. In the past the word has also been considered a cognate of Hungarian agy, but this comparison is no longer held to be correct.

Noun edit


  1. top, tip, peak
  2. forehead

Inflection edit

Descendants edit

  • Estonian: ots
  • Finnish: otsa
  • Ingrian: otsa
  • Karelian:
  • Livonian: vȱntsa
  • Livvi: očču
  • Ludian: occ
  • Veps: oc
  • Võro: ots
  • Votic: õttsõ
  • Sami:
    • Akkala Sami: [script needed] (oats)
    • Kildin Sami: вуэһць (vuehc’)
    • Ter Sami: [Term?] (ᵛi̮ə̑ɔ̄t̜s̜ɛ)

References edit

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External links edit

  • Entry #670 in Uralonet, online Uralic etymological database of the Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics.
  • Koponen, Eino, Ruppel, Klaas, Aapala, Kirsti, editors (2002–2008), Álgu database: Etymological database of the Saami languages[2], Helsinki: Research Institute for the Languages of Finland