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Shinto +‎ -ist.

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Shintoist (plural Shintoists)

  1. An adherent of Shinto.
    • 1900, Edward Westermarck, “Remarks on the Predicates of Moral Judgments”, in Mind, volume 9, page 187:
      [] ; and the modern Shintoist concludes that the primæval Japanese were pure and holy from the fact that they are represented as a people who had no moral commandments.

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  1. Pertaining to Shinto.
    Synonym: Shintoistic
    • 1901, Osman Edwards, Japanese Plays and Playfellows, page 245:
      From all accounts he was a hard-working idealist, who spared no pains to make converts, but his ascetic views must seem violently out of harmony with the Shintoist easy-going faith, which has for moral code the single maxim, "Follow your impulses and obey the Emperor."