From Middle English Sicilie, Sicilye, from Old English Sicilia, from Latin Sicilia, from Ancient Greek Σικελία (Sikelía), from Σίκελος (Síkelos, Sicel).


  • IPA(key): /ˈsɪsɪli/
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Sicily (plural Sicilies) (see usage notes below)

  1. The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, politically part of Italy and thus of Southern Europe, but geographically also close to Africa, and separated from Tunisia and Libya by the Strait of Sicily.
  2. An autonomous region of the Italian Republic, officially named Regione Siciliana (Sicilian Region).
  3. (historical) Synonym of Kingdom of Sicily, a former kingdom controlling the island and some of southern Italy in the medieval and early modern period
  4. (historical) Synonym of Kingdom of Naples, a former kingdom controlling southern Italy and claiming sovereignty over the island in the early modern period
  5. (historical) Synonym of Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, a former kingdom controlling the island and most of southern Italy in the 19th century

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