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  • Time: 2004-02-21T08:36:17Z - By: w:User:Rrjanbiah - Comment: stub
  • Time: 2004-02-21T10:32:31Z - By: w:User:Chris Roy - Comment: Bolded
  • Time: 2004-03-04T05:40:31Z - By: w:User:RedWolf - Comment: dab American
  • Time: 2004-04-10T00:50:11Z - By: w:User:Henrygb - Comment: What it is used to mean and what it should mean
  • Time: 2004-06-24T17:42:29Z - By: w:User:Maximus Rex</nowiki>
  • Time: 2004-11-02T14:17:06Z - By: w:User:IZAK - Comment: [[Category:English phrases]]
  • Time: 2004-12-18T19:39:49Z - By: w:User:Edward - Comment: i don't think the phrase is particularly [[North America]]n
  • Time: 2005-03-13T07:11:42Z - By: w:User:Ellywa - Comment: robot Adding:nl
  • Time: 2005-03-13T22:04:43Z - By: w:User:R3m0t - Comment: whitespace
  • Time: 2005-03-14T02:33:38Z - By: w:User:Ceyockey - Comment: nomination for move to Wiktionary; it is true that this could be expanded to include the entire psychology of the matter, but I feel the present content would be better set in Wiktionary
  • Time: 2005-03-14T04:18:19Z - By: w:User:Ceyockey</nowiki>
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