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Metaknowledge or Μετά knowledge? Or maybe knowledge is my meta...

I'm a sysop and pretty perpetually active when not on holiday, and I hope to stay that way. If you have a question, feel free to ask and I'll do my best.

One of my long-term goals is to improve the coverage of African languages on Wiktionary. If you speak an African language and want to contribute, I'd be happy to help support you.

My languages

  1. I feel very comfortable understanding texts and communicating in the following languages: English (native), Latin, and Yiddish.
  2. I can understand and communicate in, but not wholly without error, the following languages: Spanish, Tok Pisin, Afrikaans, Portuguese, Swahili, and Chichewa.
  3. I can understand, but do not feel comfortable communicating in, the following languages: Italian, French, German, Persian, Mauritian Creole, Middle English, Esperanto, Ido, Bislama, Pijin, and some Polynesian languages (on a good day).
  4. I have briefly studied, but can neither understand texts of even slight complexity nor communicate effectively in, the following languages: Tibetan, Ancient Greek, Hebrew, Egyptian, Thai, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, and many others.

Another perspective: for languages in level 1, I have written bad poetry. For languages in level 2, I have translated other people's poetry into English. For languages in level 3, I might read poetry, but I don't actively speak them unless I'm drunk or, say, late for my flight in a foreign country. For languages in level 4, I have taken some classwork or had a friend who tried to teach me, but never made it past A1. Feel free to give me some practice by leaving me messages in any language in the first three categories.

My subpages

Ones that need checking now and then