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Tans pl (plural only)

  1. (Ireland, Britain) The Black and Tans, a British irregular army group operating against Irish republicans in the War of Independence 1920/21.
    • 1931, John Bowyer Bell, To Play the Game: An Analysis of Sport:
      Intuitively, on Bloody Sunday, the Tans recognized where their trouble lay: the Irish were playing their own game once again.
    • 1955, General Tom Barry, Guerilla Days in Ireland
      Close quarter fighting did not suit them. It does not suit the Essex or the Tans.
    • 1995, Lance Pettitt, Screening Ireland: Film and Television Representation:
      The Dawn contains two problems for its male protagonists: namely, Ireland's fight against the British forces, the RIC, and the Tans, and the patriotic commitment of the Malone family's sons.