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From Taurus +‎ -ine.


Taurine (not comparable)

  1. (astrology) Of or pertaining to the zodiacal sign Taurus.
    • 1913, Goodsell Observatory of Carleton College, Popular Astronomy[1], volume 21, page 158:
      Although it would seem that later Hindu Zodiacs began with the Ram also, established perhaps through Greek influence, yet early astromers testify to an ancient order in which Aquarius, on the banks of the Ganges, as in China, marked the Winter Solstice, an arrangement which as we have seen in our study of the "Yellow Way", would correspond to the Taurine Era of the Vernal Equinox.
    • 1990, Joyce Wilson, Canadian Book Review Annual[2], page 94:
      Just as the world recently moved from a "Taurine Age" to a "Piscean Age," we are now in that hazy astrological area where the "Piscean Age" is ending and an "Aquarian Age" is beginning.
    • 1996, Trustees of Boston College, Religion and the Arts: A Journal from Boston College[3], volume 1, page 68:
      Even within the code of such worship, the choice of a calf, redolent of the former zodiacal Taurine age, is an offensive and retardataire sign in the age of Ares and suggests spiritual and social reaction and cowardice.


  • (pertaining to the sign Taurus): Taurean