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From Latin Taurus (from taurus (bull)), from Ancient Greek Ταῦρος (Taûros); compare Aramaicתּוֹר(tor), Arabicثَوْر(ṯawr). Latin taurus (bull) is a doublet of steer, tur, Tavros, and Tarvos.

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Taurus (symbol ︎)

  1. (astronomy): A constellation of the zodiac supposedly shaped like a bull and containing the star Aldebaran.
    Meronym: Crab Nebula
  2. (astrology): The zodiac sign for the bull, ruled by Venus and covering April 21 - May 21 (tropical astrology) or May 16 - June 15 (sidereal astrology).
  3. (automobile) An automobile model produced by the Ford Motor Company (1986-present).
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Taurus (plural Tauruses)

  1. Someone with a Taurus star sign
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From Latin Taurus, from Ancient Greek Ταῦρος (Taûros)

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Demirkazık in Niğde province
  1. A mountain range in southern Anatolia, almost 4000 metres high and running parallel to the Mediterranean coast
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Unadapted borrowing from Latin Taurus.

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Taurus m

  1. (astronomy) Taurus (constellation)
  2. Alternative form of Tauro

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