This template is for listing alternative spellings linking to other articles. For usage in definitions, see the separate Template:alternative form of.

This template generates a correctly formatted list of alternative forms with dialectal descriptions, using Module:alternative forms. If a dialect module has been written for the language, it will accept dialect codes. It takes numbered parameters.

The language code
|2=, |3=, and so on
The alternative form(s), which will be linked.
A blank parameter between the form(s) and dialect(s)
|5=, |6=, and so on
The dialect(s)
Alternative display form (link text) for the terms that are linked. |alt1= is the link text for the first linked term, |alt2= for the second, and so on.
Sense id (see {{senseid}}) for each link. |id1= is the id for the first link, |id2= for the second, and so on.
Transliteration for each term.


  • {{alter|en|crawfish|crayfish}}
  • crawfish, crayfish
    Simple example without dialects.

  • {{alter|grc|παραγίνομαι||ion|post-Classical}}
  • παραγίνομαι (paragínomai)Ionic, post-Classical
    "ion" is the Ancient Greek dialect code for Ionic, and is thus expanded. "post-Classical" is not in the dialect module (Module:grc:Dialects), and is thus displayed as-is.