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Template:fi-participle of

This template is used to create standard-format entries for the participles of Finnish verbs. More specifically it

  1. creates a text of the form:
    X participle of verb.
  2. includes the word in the category "Finnish X participles".

Parameter XEdit

The parameter X is determined by the switch "t". The default value is "pres", producing the text "active present". The acceptable values for "t" and the corresponding texts produced are:

value text produced
pres active present
pres_pass passive present
past active past
past_pass passive past
agnt agent
nega negative


The verb in question is entered without a switch and may be placed freely within the double braces (after fi-participle of, of course).


  • to start "agent" with lower-case "a" add qualifier: |nocap=anytext, e.g. |nocap=1
  • if the entry is not in nominative, add qualifier: |case=casename, e.g. |case=illative. Singular is default, if a case is indicated.
  • to indicate plural add qualifier: |plural=true
  • to omit dot from the end of line add qualifier: |nodot=anytext, e.g. |nodot=1


As an example, the formulations

{{fi-participle of|t=agnt|tehdä}}
{{fi-infinitive of|tehdä|t=agnt}}

both produce the text:

Agent participle of tehdä.

To see the entry created using this specific formulation, go to tekemä.