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Pronunciation spelling of term.

Synopsis Edit

At gubmint:

# {{pronunciation spelling of|en|government}}
  1. Pronunciation spelling of government.

Categorizes in Category:English pronunciation spellings or, e.g., Category:French pronunciation spellings.

Parameters Edit

|1= (required)
Language code; see Wiktionary:List of languages.
|2= (required)
Standard spelling of term.
|tr= (optional)
Transliteration of non-Latin-script terms, if automatic translation isn't available or doesn't work.
|sc= (optional)
Script code, if script guessing doesn't work; rarely needed.
|from= (optional)
An accent label (without the "accent:" prefix) or, if there's none for that dialect, then just text indicating the dialect.
|nocap= (optional)
If nonempty, makes the initial e lowercase.
|dot= (optional)
If nonempty, override the default final period (full stop) with the specified punctuation character.
|nodot= (optional)
If nonempty, suppresses the final period (full stop).

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