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Category:English nonstandard forms

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  2. eef
  3. ifen
  4. iffen
  5. whomst
  6. 'ard
  7. buggin'
  8. nekkid
  9. ze
  10. samich
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  9. sammich
  10. bodyless

Fundamental » All languages » English » Terms by usage » Nonstandard terms » Nonstandard forms

English forms of standard terms that are considered improper, incorrect or commonly misused.

  • Category:English eye dialect: English nonstandard spellings, which however do not change pronunciation, deliberately used by an author to indicate that the speaker uses a nonstandard or dialectal speech.
  • Category:English hypercorrections: English forms of other terms by misapplications of grammatical or orthographical rules.
  • Category:English misspellings: Common accidental misspellings of English terms and some terms which are deliberate misspellings.