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Gregorian calendar months in Arabic · الْأَشْهُر فِي التَّقْوِيمِ الْمِيلَادِيِّ (al-ʔašhur fī at-taqwīmi al-mīlādiyyi) (layout · text)
January February March April
يَنَايِر (yanāyir) فِبْرَايِر (fibrāyir) مَارِس (māris) أَبْرِيل (ʔabrīl)
May June July August
مَايُو (māyū), مَاي (māy) يُونْيُو (yūnyū) يُولْيُو (yūlyū), يُولْيُوز (yūlyūz) أَغُسْطُس (ʔaḡusṭus), غُشْت (ḡušt)
September October November December
سِبْتَمْبَر (sibtambar), شُتَنْبِر (šutanbir) أُكْتُوبَر (ʔuktūbar) نُوفِمْبَر (nūfimbar), نُوَنْبِر (nuwanbir) دِيسَمْبَر (dīsambar), دُجَنْبِر (dujanbir)

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