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See also: فی‎, قئ‎, فى, and قي




  • IPA(key): /fiː/
  • (file)

Etymology 1Edit

Ultimately Proto-Semitic *pV(y)- (in, at, or about a place or time; to be in with, to be among, during) possibly related to Proto-Semitic *pay- (mouth, an orifice, an entrance, a means in or to enter). Cognates with Hebrew פֹּה(here) and פִּי(multiplied, -fold, literally with, to have this length with this width) and Ugaritic 𐎔 (p, here, in this place or in this time; in the manner of, relating or pertaining to).


فِي ()

  1. in, within
  2. during, for a duration of
  3. in with, among, together with
  4. of, about, in regards to, pertaining to, in the subject or topic of
  5. on account of, for the reason of, in relation to
  6. times, multiplied by, to have a measure of this by this

Etymology 2Edit


فِي () (form I)

  1. second-person feminine singular active imperative of وَفَى(wafā)

Tunisian ArabicEdit


فِي ()

  1. in
    تُسْكُنْ عَايِلْتِي فِي سُوسَة‎ ― tuskun ʿāyiltī sūsaMy family lives in Sousse
    هِيَّ بِشْ تْجِي فِي مَارِسْ‎ ― hiyya biš tjī marsShe will come in March
    نَّجِّمْ نَعْمِلْ الْخِدْمَة هَاذِي فِي ثْلَاثَة يَّام‎ ― nnajjim naʿmil ilḫidma hāḏī ṯlāṯa yyāmI can do this work in three days
    هِيَّ فِي صَحَّة طَيّْبَة‎ ― hiyya ṣaḥḥa ṭayybaShe is in good health