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Hi, welcome to my Wiktionary user page. I've been around here since 2011, adding words in some of our less-well-covered languages. I began editing while I was learning Luxembourgish after noticing that there was almost no coverage of the language here.

Even though I've never reached proficiency in a foreign language, I still find learning different languages fascinating, and am particularly interested in etymology, pronunciation and grammar. I have a tendency to start learning a language then realising I don't actually have anybody to speak to in that language and giving up on it, so if anyone is interested in starting up a conversation in any of the languages mentioned below, I'm happy to have a go.

Languages I have worked on (current ones in bold)

I've also added entries in English (mainly regional/dialectal phrases) and French in the past.

Current tasks
  • Clean up existing entries in Category:Pitjantjatjara lemmas
  • Add translations of said lemmas to English entries
  • Add inflected forms of Luxembourgish entries (particularly verb forms) with pronunciations
  • Add missing pronunciations to entries in the above languages