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This is a personal project page for organizing and tracking potential pages to serve as style guide models, both for general format and for specific tricky situations. If you have suggestions, I ask that you please make them on the talk page rather than editing the content on this page. --EncycloPetey 02:32, 12 December 2006 (UTC)

Selection criteria:

  1. The word must be reasonably common.
  2. The word should exist as a single part of speech (when possible).
  3. The entry should be fully expanded per the criteria used for Collaboration of the Week.
  4. The various definitions should be easy to distinguish from each other (except for advanced entries).

In principle, a good model should have a layout clean enough for an English language learner to understand.

Simple format edit

These are entries with a limited number of definitions, single etymology, and single pronunciation per region.

Complex format edit

These are entries with a limited number of definitions, but not limited to a single etymology, single pronunciation, or single part of speech.

  • Single etymology, multiple pronunciations: predicate (predicates)
  • Single pronunciation, multiple etymologies: cant, round, (chaps)
  • Multiple etymologies and pronunciations: hinder
  • Total etymology, pronunciation, POS mess:
  • Multiple inflections:

Advanced format edit

These are complex entries with many definitions.